We provide our community members and stakeholders with an opportunity to interact with our brand. Hence, we make sure to regularly host and attend several industry-related events, as well as anything relevant to what we’re doing at SynergyCrowds. Want to get to know us better? Check out event list and join us at our next event!

DEVCON4 2018, Prague

Oct 30 - Nov 4, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

iExec summit 2018

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Cluj-Napoca Data Science Meetup, 2018

BirdieBlue™ is a sentiment analysis tool developed (by SynergyCrowds) to provide an indication of the current and past sentiments of tweets. It was designed to measure the intensity of sentiments identified among various messages regarding Bitcoin on Tweeter. This was the testbed for tuning the machine learning algorithms and now is getting ready to go live for the public. The goal is to cover many subjects in the cryptocurrency world and to improve its results continuously.

We will have the opportunity to see BirdieBlue™ at work and to understand its AI mechanisms for decrypting the sentiments. Of course, feedback and suggestions are needed from you and we hope for interesting and productive discussions (as always).


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ClujCrypto Talk, 2018



Why Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is revolutionizing our lives; What's the future of cryptocurrencies and what are the legal aspects of trading cryptocurrencies? Or simply, how to create your own ICO to gain the resources you need to develop further unique blockchain projects.

Come and listen to leaders and pioneers in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

DigiHUBB, 2017

A SynergyCrowds service: sentiment analysis on digital

coins, within Early Digital Computing in Central and Eastern Europe. "The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) awarded in 1996 a long list of computer scientists from Central and Eastern Europe adding them to the pioneers pantheon as an acknowledgement of their work on the evolution of computer science behind the Iron Curtain." We are honoured to have Professor Willard McCarty from King’s College London, Claire Clivaz, University of Lausanne and Mircea Rusu, Institute of Atomic Physics (IFA) Bucharest as keynote speakers.

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Cluj-Napoca Data Science Meetup, 2017

Meetup agenda:
1) Presentation of a clustering method (and service) for grouping the numerous cryptocurrencies available today, based on their evolution trajectories. In other words, we may find ound, for example, which other currencies are following Bitcoin in its rally.
2) SynergyCrowds Project - a novel approach in using analytics.


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The 18th edition of the World of Trading (WOT) event. Bran, Romania, the fall session, 2017.

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