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What is SynergyCrowds ?

SynergyCrowds is an ambitious software technology project where we build a system for decentralized knowledge production. This is a global system where knowledge is produced by crowds and cutting-edge computational methods of AI, Data Science, Data Analytics and blockchain.



What is the domain/public/market in which SynergyCrowds will activate?

Advanced, decentralized knowledge for crypto users. Both retail and business.



What is the difference between crowd members and users ?

Crowd members are individuals that subscribe for a crowd membership within the SynergyCrowds system and contribute for the development of the decentralized knowledge and earn SYNCRO tokens for their contribution. The users access the knowledge produced by SynergyCrowds through the SYNCRO token.


How does SynergyCrowds use crowds?

SynergyCrowds system creates specific mechanisms that allow crowd members to be organized and profiled based on their contribution and facilitates their access to different applications within the SynergyCrowds system, allowing them to produce knowledge or perform professional actions (work).


What can a crowd member do within SynergyCrowds ?

A crowd member has the mission of contributing to the knowledge production process. This is done in 2 general ways: perform professional actions (work - i.e. make decisions) or develop the distributed knowledge processing network.


What do I gain as a crowd member within SynergyCrowds ?

A crowd member earns SYNCRO tokens - small when working, big when doing business.

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